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In brewing high quality beers, the choice of raw ingredients is essential.

The brewers have all the ingredients they need to produce great beers: special malts from eastern and central France (Briard, G√Ętinais, Beauce and more), chestnut flour and Corsican barley, Alsace hops and spring water.

These raw ingredients, the expertise of the brewers, their control of bottom fermentation as well as top fermentation, combined with powerful brewing tools, allow Brasserie Pietra to develop very high quality recipes.

The beer maturation takes place in the cellar at a controlled temperature, under the watchful eye of the quality team.

The team in charge of conditioning, whether in bottles or kegs, ensures that the process runs smoothly, as it is a decisive step in preserving all the taste qualities of Pietra craft beers.

This know-how has been rewarded by numerous medals.