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In 2010, Brasserie Pietra obtained the ENVOL label (Voluntary Commitment by Business to the Environment), in confirmation of its efforts to continuously improve its ecological performance.

A major action: reducing CO₂ emissions

In order to reduce the CO₂ emissions produced by the fermentation process, Brasserie Pietra uses a CO₂ recovery system which avoids the release of 80 tons of CO₂ per year.

Reducing water and energy consumption

The brewery has implemented a holistic approach to saving energy and water.

To reduce water consumption, warm water generated during the cooling of the must is recovered to supply the hot water tank, while the water from the cleaning process is reused in intermediate rinsing steps.

These steps halved the amount of water needed to produce one litre of beer.

Waste treatment

Cardboard and plastics from the packaging of different suppliers are compacted on site.

The brewery has specific containers for each of the materials to be recycled: wood, paper, metal, glass, etc.

When these containers are full, the materials are sent to approved recycling companies.

Protection of natural landscapes in Corsica: Support of chestnut farmers and preservation of Corsican chestnut groves

Brasserie Pietra is committed to GRPTCMC (Regional Group of Corsican Chestnut Producers and Processors) in its fight against Cynips. This chestnut parasite puts the chestnut groves of Corsica at risk. Brasserie Pietra has provided €50,000 of funding to support a release program for Torymus sinensis, the biological predator of this parasite.

Brasserie Pietra also supports, through the Umani Foundation and its Terranea program, the restoration of the chestnut groves from Pianellu to Carbuccia. A sponsorship in perfect synergy with the actions of the GRPTCMC.