PIETRA Moments

As an aperitif, ideally with delicatessen (Corsican, of course!) or the American way with a burger.

The idea of Armelle and Dominique

When Armelle and Dominique developed the Pietra recipe, they wanted to incorporate chestnut flour, the island’s traditional cereal. After many trials, the Pietra recipe for Pietra was perfected, and it has never changed since. Mixed with malt in the vat, the chestnut flour is a prime ingredient, not just a flavour.

Did you know ?

The chestnut occupies a special place in Corsica. Here it is known as the bread tree or tree of life. A Corsican saying goes: “from birth to death, the life of a Corsican is cradled by the chestnut tree.” Indeed, its fruit provides food, and its wood was used to make tool handles, the floors and frames of the houses, as well as the cradles and the coffins...